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Dan went outside to see what Linda was doing. Have you already decided who you're going to hire? It's all just a misunderstanding. The statue was built in France. I'll drive you there. I was invited to dinner.

God created man to enjoy, not destroy, the fruits of the earth and of their own toil. We have to do this. My laser printer only prints in black and white. I tapped my foot on the floor. I don't have enough information yet. Let the game begin!

It sounds like her. The fire has gone out and this room is cold. We might otherwise have to reconsider the purchase. I played with a computer. Jem now wears a wig. He gave me an account of the machine. They accepted each other.

I'm glad I could be of service. I prefer something better. I got here as quickly as I could.

Do you know what happened? We traveled westwards for 100 miles. He was an honest man. Sugih said he wasn't feeling well. My father gave me as much as 100 dollars. Come on, everything will be alright.

Do you have problems in losing weight?

Grant would make a good teacher. How does he know this? Miltos, did you tell him? It was attractive. Boston is the place I want to be. Lions feed on flesh. I need to park my car here.

I know this is tough. The first minutes after a heart attack are crucial. I cannot make my bed. I don't have time for that! She accommodated her schedule to his. You underestimated them. Please behave prudently. Do you ever think about it? It is fortunate that we should have met such kind people. Nobody is ferpect.

Rajeev usually sleeps for eight hours. They sweated gallons. Friendship is a matter of trust. I sincerely doubt that. I can't see the stage from this seat.

Max continued crying. The enemy has come to our country. He loses self-control when he's drunk. I like a good cup of coffee. We had to wait until she found a chair and sat down. The flowers perished from the frost. I knew they would suspect him. Show me that list. My most grievous fault.

He entered his room.

Never have I seen such a peaceful sight. She's aggressive. That was wonderful. You wouldn't have needed to do that. What's next? Ellen has a ton of old dresses to give away, about ten of which have never been worn. I already know this. Elias picked some flowers.

I wouldn't mind a cup of coffee. Are you asking me to resign? You have to make this work. What do I try?

The judgement is very fair to both parties. I have no idea how many people will be at the picnic. Cris and Travis bought their grandson a bike for Christmas. The course of the ship was straight east. I like white. I find it goes well with yellow, but only if you want it to. If you don't believe it does, then it doesn't. You don't sound like him.

She pinched her sister. He cheated in the exam when he copied his friend's work. I think I could convince Beverly to put you on the list. In modern professional tennis, winning a big tournament is considered a greater achievement than winning several smaller tournaments of the same combined value. Hence, top players typically concentrate on bigger tournaments and only play a few smaller ones in between. Consequently, top players play and win fewer matches than before. Since Ivan Lendl won 106 out of 115 matches he played in 1982, nobody won more than 90 matches in a single season, except Roger Federer, who went 92-5 in 2006. Is there anything you can't do? There is no room to doubt that he is a gifted artist. They commanded a majority in the Diet.